Café Ilich

The Ilich is one of the traditional coffee shops of Maribor with long tradition in Slovenia. The Ilich was established back in 1909, so more than 100 years ago.


And still you feel the charm of the old days while having your desserts at the Ilich. The German family name Ilich reminds of the Austrian past Slovenia and especially Maribor with its German speaking majority had as part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.


The fabulous and relaxing jazz music in the background make you feel like being in a conformable lounge.

The interior is light, bright and comes together with comfortable vintage furniture making your stay at Ilich a very pleasant one.


When it comes to the desserts at Ilich you get very fine tarts, cakes and ice cream. All for reasonable prices and very delicious! But have a look yourself:


Above you see the showcase of tarts and cakes. Plenty to choose from.
This is my delicious strawberry yoghurt cake:


And here is the ice cream with Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Strawberry in accordance with the interior in the limelight:


Here is the full range of ice cream flavors:


The Ilich has free WiFi but no plugs for your devices. The staff is very friendly, speaking English with you, and is very willing to help you.

The Bottom Line: Sitting in the very nice interior and atmosphere of the Ilich Coffee Shop with fine Jazz music in the background and yummy tarts, cakes, coffee and ice cream in the front, the Café Ilich, in the Slovenska Ulica 6, in 2000 Maribor, Slovenia, makes your next Maribor experience a very special one.

With Love!

Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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