Taj – The Indian in Girona

The Taj is a great Indian restaurant, small but nice. This restaurant is located right in the center of Girona. From here you get everyone in a bit. The Taj is a good-deal Indian, worth the money. The ambience is not typical Indian nor modern. It is something in between. It has this flair on a family run business. Below you see the interior and the food:

Above you see the delicious Naan of course my favorite Chicken Curry, Indian restaurants standard dish. The Curry is not to hot and not too mild. For folks who like to have the “spicy-hot experience”, what you also feel hours after you finished your dish, I recommend to better choose another dish on the menu, since the Chicken Curry is more on the mild side.

The staff of the Taj is nice and friendly and speaks English very well. As for the opening hours you can expect to get food until 23:30 (11:30 pm) since the Taj closes at midnight.

The enlarged photos you can see in the slide show below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Bottom Line: The Taj, located in the Carrer de Cort-Reial 6, in 17004 Girona, Spain, is a great little Indian restaurant with nice ambience and delicious food for a reasonable price. It has the feel of a family run restaurant and it is perfectly located in the center of Girona.


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