Café Paris in Catalunya

This Cafe is a nice place to spend your free time. It is spacious, features comfortable couches and provides lots of sun shining in due to the location and the large glass front. The Café Paris is located in the center of Figueres, Girona, Catalunya.

The food is great and the ambience as well. The Café Paris has a really nice artsy flair, most likely influenced by the super famous painter Salvatore Dali, the son of the City of Figueres.

Below you see what we got:

As shown above we had Tortilla Española and the Catalan Burger with beef, tomatoes, egg-plant, salad, onions, and French fries as side. By the way both dishes are typical for the region: The Tortilla Española across Spain and the Catalan Burger for Catalunya.

The only thing is that the WiFi hasn’t worked and some of the waiters knedidn’t knew about it, therefore we weren’t informed either and tried to get into the web in vain. So the staff is friendly but seemed to be confused, or in other words not very coordinated. Also the owner/manager didn’t really care when we spoke with him about that.

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The Bottom Line: The Café Paris, located in the center of Figueres, on the main square to be specific (La Rambla, 10, 17600 Figueres, Girona, Spain) is a nice, bright, and artsy coffee shop, with good food for a reasonable price, and not to forget lots of sun shining in. WiFi wasn’t working and the communication between the guests and the staff could also be better. But all in all it was a nice stay. And by the way this Café is just down the road of the museum of the super famous Salvatore Dali, the City of Figueres and the whole region is most famous for…

With Love!

Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fuhmann


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