The Pub to BE in Perpignan

The Le Tinc Set is simply a great pub. It is not to small and not to big. It is just right. It features very nice live music, Irish Folk Music of the Harvesters as we experienced while we were there. It is a local pub where locals go to for having a good time. And they do. So were we there with our local friends who brought us to this pub. The walls are full of paintings and it has this artsy flair. Have a look:


Back to the Pub 🙂 Here at Tinc Set they have great organic wine as well as delicious French food served in a tastas style since Perpignan, although in France, is just located in the northern part of the Catalonian region, ranging from South of Barcelona to North of Perpignan. So the Catalonian region is not devided culturally but by the French-Spanish border. Also on the Balearic Islands they do speak Catalan for historic reasons.

Here you really experience the traditional Roussillon (Northern Catalonian in France) lifestyle, while being in a southern French region. It is similar to the Basque people who are also devided by Franch-Spanish border in the North-Eastern Basques in France and the South-Western Basques in Spain. So France and Spain is not as homogenious as it might look like, neither culturally nor ethnically.

The Bottom Line: The Tinc Set, located in the 3 rue du Marché aux Bestiaux, is nice local pub with great atmosphere and an artsy flair. Many up and coming bands perform live at this Perpignan pub.

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I wish you also a great time at Le Tinc Set!

With Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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