The Splendid Ëgoist Café in Budapest

The Ëgoist Café is a jewel located right next to the Ronald Reagan Statue on Budapest’s Liberty Square (Szabadság tér) and the US and British Embassy are around the corner. This secessional café as well as the whole building is part of the House of Hungarian Art Nouveau (Magyar Szecessió Háza), also known as Jugendstil, Modern Style, Stile Floreale etc., this special art style/epoch of the turn of the century (18th/19th century) spreading out from Vienna and the artists of those days (Wiener Secession).

So its playful and artsy style is typical for the region and this period of time in cultural and art history. If you like to have it elegant the Ëgoist Café is the place to be and to spend some time in the ambience of the old days of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire amidst vintage furniture, old books and posters and paintings of Art Nouveau. So it is like a time capsule which preserved the style of the old days for today’s tourists and folks, who enjoy the Jugendstil, the style of the young artists seceding from the old style of and therefore they created art their way more than 100 years ago.

The Ëgoist Café serves delicious cakes and tarts of all kind as well as different coffees. To enjoy your choice surrounded by this elegant ambience is simply marvelous. I had the super delicious Pistachio Cream Tart and also tasted the White Chocolate Tart as well as the Honey Chocolate Tart together with a Café Latte. All of them very delicious as well. But see it for yourself:

Or you can enjoy the slide show:

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The Bottom Line: So you don’t need to be selfish to have a good time at the Ëgoist Café in Budapest nor it will make you an egoist, when you enjoy the true splendor of the old days in this very special Jugendstil café, located in the Honvéd utca 3, in 1054 Budapest, right next to the Ronald Reagan Statue in the center of Budapest.

With Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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