California in Budapest in Front of the Saint Stephen’s Basilica

Here at the California Coffee Company you feel the Californian way of life the most, as well as the easy-going and open-minded atmosphere of the westernmost state of the Lower 48 right in the city center of Budapest.

This coffee shop belongs to a Budapest coffee shop chain. And this particular coffee shop on the Szent István tér is located right in front of Budapest’s famous Saint Stephen’s Basilica with perfect view onto the cathedral and many other nice cafés closeby.
The coffee is delicious, the sandwiches too, the seating is comfy, the interior is colorful and the ambience is stylish, because this coffee shop was built into a fancy town house of an aristocrat from the old days of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. That’s the reason for the high ceiling.

You enjoy your food and drinks while looking on a real piano, having free WiFi and all the plugs you need for your devices, and listening to good relaxing music, ranging from Italian, Goa, over  Brazilian, to Lounge music with all kinds of art on the wall, paintings and photos in particular. All in all very artsy and relaxing.

I had a White Chocolate Mocha and a brown-breaded Artisan Capri Bagel. The Black Forest Cappuccino together with a Bagel is also highly recommendable. Veeeeery Delicious! But see it for yourself:

Or here you can enjoy the slide show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Bottom Line: The California Coffee Company, located on the Szent István tér 1, 1061 Budapest, right next to the famous Saint Stephen’s Cathedral, is the perfect place to spend some hours in a nice and relaxing atmosphere right in the city center of Budapest with delicious food and coffees of all kinds.

With Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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