Adoro – The Coffee Shop To Stay

The Adoro is a true coffee lovers club as the additional name is indicating. It is located right in a pedestrian street on a nice little square next to main square Trieste.

At the entry to the cafè at the square there is its nice little patio with some tables and chairs. Inside the Café Adoro it is light and bright, with white as the dominating color. A very nice ambience all in all.

The staff is friendly and quick and the seating is comfortable, as the Adoro provides sofa chairs.

As for the food, we had a delicious Tramezzino with tuna and salad in a white bread, together with a delicious Cappuccino and a lemon cake filled with lemon cream. Super yummy!

In the show case the Adoro offers many donuts and Italian cookies as well as pastries.

The closing hours is with 21:00 (9:00 pm) a little early but at least on Saturdays the Adoro is open till 22:00 (10 pm). The free WiFi is conveniently working.

Have a look for yourself in the slide show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I would say the Adoro is an Italian version of Starbucks, comfortable and inviting you to stay also longer.

The Bottom Line: The Adoro, located in the center of Triest, at the end of the long stretched Piazza di Cavana, 5, 34121 Trieste, is a fine coffee shop, elegant and comfortable, providing quality food/pastries and coffee for little money.

With Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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